who are we

About Creative Art Bar Bali

At Creative Art Bar Bali, we’re all about having fun! Our paint and sip sessions are a little different, offering a creative night out along with boatloads of fun! Come and paint, sip and enjoy one of our themed nights.

So Why Us?

Well, we have an excellent venue, with plenty of space and light throughout. This makes it easy for us to accommodate small or larger groups. Our fully stocked and staffed bar will be open throughout the paint and sip class, so you can grab refreshments whenever you feel like it, or we can even come right to you.

We also have expert artists leading our classes. They will guide you through the process of creating a true masterpiece, from blank canvas to colourful classic. They’ll give you advice on which brushes to use, how to use them, mixing colours and much more. And if you have any questions, just ask! Our bar staff and other staff are just as awesome, and they’re ready to help out with any queries you might have. 

If you’re looking for something a little different to a normal paint and sip class, our themed nights are not to be missed. You may get the chance to see a magician, enjoy a drag queen show or sip on some tasty dessert themed cocktails. These themed nights are always a hit and are an awesome night out, on top of the usual wine and art classes.

No matter which night you come to Creative Art Bar Bali, you’ll have an absolute ball. What’s more, you’ll walk away with a masterpiece Da Vinci would be proud of!